BKT MPC Activities

Different organizations have different cultures. In BKT MPC, we form it through the values of our community that we hold dearly. Additionally, this includes the intention to keep growing. That’s why, we have meetings, training, and other activities to improve our team’s capabilities. As mentioned in our engagement, we have PAMANA by our side. They are instrumental in this endeavor because they provide us assistance so we can conduct these activities.


training activities

We have 2 types of training. One, for efficiency and effectivity such as studying the parliamentary procedures for meetings, cooperative’s By-Laws and constitution. Two, for our production which includes training for coconet and eco-vase. In particular, it usually lasts for one week.


meeting activity

Bukluran sa Kaunlaran ng Tibig Multi-Purpose Cooperative have a monthly meeting for officers. This is to assure that everybody is in the loop. Moreover, we also use this to provide feedback about their tasks. We use formal and informal format, but since we are a family we don’t want it to be too stiff.

GA Activity

BKT MPC  also has an annual General Assembly. This is where we update our active members regarding the status of their contribution and include them in the decision making process. It is also an opportunity for us to hear their sentiments and ideas.

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