Barangay Tibig

Reminder from Barangay TibigRecently we had our Barangay election in the Philippines. Just a run through, Barangay is the smallest administrative division in our country. A Chairman/Captain heads this unit together with Kagawads. In light of this, our cooperative wishes the best for our leaders so they can serve the people at their best.

Moving forward, we will describe what our barangay looks like in this section. This is to give you more idea about us.

Our Barangay

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Barangay Tibig used to be a completely agricultural community which is tucked in the middle of Silang, Cavite. Throughout the years, some families decided to move away from farming. Good thing, some stayed in the industry to produce and feed our growing population.

As you can see, we are a small community. We have a community school (Tibig Elementary School), a basketball court, small stores and a number of resorts. Most importantly, we try our best to be there for each other.

The construction of Cavite–Laguna Expressway poses that it will be changed soon. By all means, we hope that our we will not be left behind in this advancement. We hope that the development will be inclusive, the kind that we can look forward to.


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