Climate Change and why sustainable practices are MUST.

Climate Change

Climate Change seems like a complicated topic, but here’s how to explain even to a 7-year old kid.

We live in planet Earth, and it’s such a blessing that Mr. Sun is our neighbor.

Mr. Sun doesn’t want us to freeze, so he gives us heat which we gladly receive.

Since we only need a little, we bounce the extras back through our land and water.

This is for earth to maintain its temperature which changes due to normal occurrences like volcanic eruption, Mr. Sun’s change in temperature, or our distance from him.

However, over time Earth lessen its ability to bounce the extras back.

The start

This started in 1700s. During this time, we created cars, planes, and other technological advancements that uses coal. It is when humans discover more on how we can use the natural resources to improve lives. Actually, wanting to improve life and use what we have is ok, but as we all know, anything that is too much is bad, and what makes things not ok is when it is done irresponsibly.

In effect, this increases the production of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane which smells like rotten eggs. These gasses trap the heat, that’s why the earth can’t bounce the extras back.

Sadly, it causes the death of corals, fishes and other sea water friends which affects our food web. Second, it melts ice caps which cause our water to rise, and it creates disasters like Typhoon Yolanda. Wonder why it’s extra extra hot? It’s also because of Climate Change! So what do we do now? Spread the word, and let’s be part of the solution.

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