Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation


Creativity and Innovation exist side by side. Creativity is where ideation happens. That is to say, it is where ideas are born and harnessed. On the other side, Innovation is the implementation part. It is where ideas come to life and executed to improve a product, a process or a system.

What do they bring?

It keeps the organization thrive to sustain its vibrance. Without it, the organization will slowly seep and fade away. Creativity and Innovation make Product Development work!

How can you use them?

They can be used as a way to improve productivity by rechecking and reinventing how things are done. It can use old and new data to gain insights and make things work. Second, it can help problem-solving become more effective and efficient. If an organization can advance the process, it can gain time which is one of the most important resources. Third, since you gained time and output from creativity and innovation, you will now have a competitive edge. This is something you can leverage to keep winning the game.

Creativity and Innovation in Action

Innovation and Creativity at work

BKT MPC includes these tandem in their processes. The multi-purpose cooperative is in a constant journey of improving itself. There are a lot of things to be done, but it is not impossible to conquer. Through the help of our General Manager Yolanda de Jesus and officers, we continue to find ways for the community. We believe in its importance. In this essence, they are part of this year’s agenda.

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