Take a Picture for the Gallery


A picture can paint a thousand words. This gallery is where we will share the snapshots of our journey. With all honesty, from the bottom of our hearts, it is truly a joy to share our success and milestones. As we believe, life is an echo. The more positivity and good vibes are shared, the more positivity and good vibes will come around.


 Office upgrade

BKT MPC Office got some upgrades! How cool is that? Special thanks to BOD Secretary Mr Joel Anuyo, Isyo and Alex Aquino and to all of our sponsors.


28th General Assembly

April 7, 2018, BKT MPC Office

Opening Ceremony

As always, we started the event with a prayer led by Director Theresa Canoso. This is to honor God for all the blessings that He has given to us. With this in mind, we also asked for His guidance and protection.  Then, we sang our Philippine National Anthem. Next, BOD Secretary Mr Joel Anuyo made a roll call of all the attendees. Later on, Chairperson Myrna de Jesus was invited in front for her opening remarks.  To grace the event Kap. Luciano de Jesus (Brgy Captain), Kon. Diosdado Atienza(Brgy Councilor), Mr William Mojica (MCDC Silang) and Ms Janine Vicente (Consultant) were present. They also shared their thoughts and well wishes for BKT MPC.

General Assembly

The second portion which is the actual meeting went smoothly. This portion includes reporting, approval of plans and budget iteration. After that, BKT MPC had an election of new officers. To close, General Manager Yolanda de Jesus gave an inspiring message and thanked all the attendees.