Our Journey as a Multi-Purpose Cooperative in the 21st Century

Co-operation, Cooperation, and Cooperative are the 3 Cs that helped BKT Multi-Purpose Cooperative thrive today.

This is the history of BKT Multi-Purpose Cooperative: Bukluran sa Kaunlaran ng Tibig Multi-Purpose Cooperative started in 1990. This is when IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) encouraged agricultural communities in CALABARZON to self-organize. We acknowledged this opportunity. Hence, we welcomed the idea for the sake of our Barangay. This is to provide support to our local farmers and their families.

Barangay Tibig's Ilaw ng Tahanan


Throughout the years, development happened in both internal and external affairs. We remained strong in spite of the challenges we met. In fact, these challenges made us become better and bolder. It helped us become flexible and adaptive. In effect, BKT MPC’s resilience earned the trust of Tibiganons.

Tree Symbol for BKT Multi-Purpose Cooperative

BKT MPC as a Tibig Tree

For 28 years Bukluran sa Kaunlaran ng Tibig Multi-Purpose Cooperative remained reliable. Like a Tibig tree (Ficus nota) the cooperative symbolizes hope. In fact, BKT MPC and Tibig tree have similarities. Tibig tree helps conserve water. It sustains life and keeps the fonas in the forest happy. In like manner, BKT MPC helps save money. It conducts livelihood programs and keeps its barangay happy.

Change of Name

In the light of 2012, the cooperative decided to change the name and its structure. We replaced our founding name “Balikatan sa Kaunlaran ng Tibig Multi-Purpose Cooperative”. This is to address the changing needs in changing times. The changes allowed us to serve more sectors. It helped us level up our loan financing. This is also the point where BKT MPC welcomed other means of livelihood operation.

BKT MPC as Community Partners

Even before Barangay Tibig knows the true value of nature. They know that it is their home and it sustains them. Hence, BKT chooses sustainable programs like the production of coco net and eco vase. This is to generate income and at the same time be responsible stewards of the earth.

Up to this date the Tibiganons trust Bukluran sa Kaunlaran ng Tibig Multi-Purpose Cooperative because of their clear understanding of their plight. BKT MPC aligns the programs to the needs Tibiganons. It also assures that it follows their and principles.

Tag Line, Vision and Mission
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