We got Good News!

BKT MPC has more partners now.

We receive hundreds of news daily. This influences us. Sadly, the usual content highlights negativity. This makes finding good news a challenge. Nonetheless, it is not as few as we think. It’s important to realize that there are still good ones. In this essence, BKT MPC would like to share our own on this page.

Engagements and Partnerships

We believe that partnership is the key to move forward. It allows people to work together for the same goal. To point out, it is more effective and efficient. Above all, it reduces unnecessary efforts which maximize opportunities and good news to arrive faster.

Engagement with Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

Dole Logo

After months of productivity, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) gave BKT MPC a new agreement This is for the purpose of providing BKT MPC its own grinding machine. From lending, we now own it! Given that, the deal will be closed in the 2018’s third quarter.

Equipment from DOLE

Engagement with the Municipality of Silang and Barangay Tibig, Cavite

Bayan ng Silang

The Municipal Cooperative Development Council (MCDC) of Silang and Barangay Tibig has always been very supportive. Part of this is referrals. For this reason, we received more opportunities.

Engagement with PAMANA

Pamana Logo

PAMANA Development Cooperative Federation provides training to BKT MPC. This is to assure the development of the cooperative. In effect, members also grow because of this. PAMANA-DCF also provides professional assistance to the cooperative like legal advice.

Engagement with Manila Water Foundation

BKT MPC news from MWF


We are one of Kabuhayan Para Sa Barangay (KPSB) program recipients. This is a program of Manila Water. It’s for the purpose of giving soft loans. KPSB aims to assist organizations to expand and strengthen their projects. With this intention, we got a total of Php 100,000.00 (zero 0% interest) in 2012.

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