Leadership in Chapters

Leadership in Chapters

We’ve always talked about leadership to others. However, it is rare that we discuss it when it comes to leading oneself. Furthermore, this discipline should even start within us. Throughout the years I’ve encountered stories of triumphs and downfalls by the leaders that have come before our generation. Their life is both a lesson and a blessing that we can all learn from. In this essence, we need models as a guide so we can progress not just for ourselves, but also for the society we live in.

Leadership in Progress

Last Sunday, the pastor shared the importance of openness in this journey. We can try our very best, yet His presence and the others’ assistance are much needed. Consequently, it hones us to be the kind of person that our Creator designed us to be. For it is when one acknowledges that we always have something to improve and work on, is the time we could unlock the next chapter of our journey. After all, we are all masterpieces in progress. In connection to BKT MPC, the multi-purpose cooperative constantly re-evaluates itself to check whether it’s on the right track, or if it needs recalibration. It humbles itself to reach out to partners because Bukluran appreciates the assistance including the feedback they give. With this, we can find out the reason why it lasted for 28 years and how it will face the next years to come. Good job GM Yolanda and BKT MPC! All the best!   – JBV

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