Importance of Sustainable Practices

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We always have to be intentional, or else we’ll be swept by external forces. This occurrence will deviate us from our goals. In doing so, we have to use both the macro and the microlens. Meaning, we have to see it in closer and farther view. Having different lens will give us a different perspective. Moreover, this provides a long-term and short-term vision for our actions. Evidently, holistic perspective always pays and keeps the ball going. It can reinvent itself and shapeshift in order to stay relevant.

Role of Business in Sustainable Practices

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“Minimum cost for maximum profit” is the mantra of businesses. Clearly, they are focused on making profits. However, this is not enough. As part of the community, they have a bigger role to play to assure that things work out not for just one sector. Sustainability should definitely be part of the operation. When we say sustainability, it means the ability to sustain itself so it will last. It can be through their partnership with stakeholders outside their company, acquisition of materials, or through incorporating sustainable practices into their production.

BKT MPC’s Take in Sustainable Practices

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In whatever we do, Bukluran sa Kaunlaran ng Tibig Multi-Purpose Cooperative have the community and the environment in mind. We want to make a profit not just for the cooperative but for mother earth as well. This is by producing products and conducting activities that will send a message about the cause. In BKT MPC, we have coconets to make use of husk instead of them going to the land fields. We also have eco-vase that is decorated with upcycled materials.

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