3Rs Flow Chart

3 Rs of the Environment

The 3Rs were taught to us since we were young. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle goes over, and over again. However, do we actually understand and practice them? Reduce is decreasing our consumption. This means we have to be mindful of our patterns like usage of plastics and straws. Next is Re-use, it is the maximization of its usage. One example is choosing eco-bag and metal straws over their non-usable counterpart. Lastly, we have Recycle which is typically plastics, paper, metals or glass. This means breaking it apart in order to use the material into something new. However, as we can observe these processed materials have lower quality and value.


Bottle Upcycling

In the recent years, upcycling gained popularity. However, what is actually the difference of upcycling and recycling? While recycling involves breaking it apart, it lets the original state stay. In upcycling, the product will be reconstructed in various ways. Usually, the outcome’s value either remains at par with the original or it increases.

upcycling lantern

BKT MPC in Upcycling

One of our products is eco-vase which is made of PVC plastic. We decorate it with upcycled materials so it will be both durable and beautiful. Added to that, its the value also increases.

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